There are many advantages to building a custom home. Starting from the ground up, homeowners are able to create a living space that suits their lifestyle and reflects their personal sense of style and taste. By carefully considering some key aspects of building a custom home, customers can save time and money that might be spent down the road altering a less thoughtfully-designed or non-custom home to suit their needs. Additionally, with the right backyard design and application of landscaping ideas, a custom home can be personalized even further.

Hiring a good construction company and seeking out individuals with the right project management skills, and new home construction expertise is one of the first steps to making this “dream home” a reality. The right designers and construction company can help homeowners achieve a residence that is not only beautiful, but delivered within the appropriate budget.

In this post, Baglien Construction group explains key tips about custom new home construction in Calgary.

Devoting Attention to Budgeting and Timeline is Essential

There are few elements of new home construction planning more important than figuring out the budget and timeframe for the project.

  • It is important to do the correct amount of research to determine if the budget you have decided on is realistic.
  • It is also essential to determine if money is being saved and spent more significantly on the right things.
  • Individuals planning to have their home custom-built should be aware of possible costs beyond the house budget. For example, depending on your location, you may have to pay for the connection of amenities and services to your lot.
  • Additionally, it can be wise to have a flexible portion of your budget set aside in case of unexpected additional costs.

In terms of timelines, future homeowners should make sure to have a dialogue with the construction company or contract workers they are hiring regarding:

  • Expected start and end dates of the project.
  • Potential delays and how they can be prevented.
  • Options for saving time: for example, it might be possible to move into the home a little earlier if the homeowners don’t mind having the “final touches” such as painting or shelving added while they are living in the home.
  • If you have having things such as custom cabinets built, you can free up space for other work taking place in the same space--thereby saving time--by asking for them to be built off-site.

Working With Experts Ensures Your New Home’s Construction Will Meet High Standards

It’s well known that experts can help you make decisions regarding safety or efficacy of building your home. Because of this, it is worth the time it takes to find the best construction company or contractors not just in the area but the best people for projects like yours.

  • Word of mouth can be helpful in finding a good construction company, but is also useful to ask companies to see or visit past homes they have worked on.

The right team for the job can also help you bridge the steps between making your dream home a reality by offering insight on practical details. Trained design, construction, and lighting experts can provide advice, solutions, and suggestions to further optimize your new home construction project both indoors and outdoors.

  • For example, many homeowners pass over focusing on seemingly minute details related to the placement of closet space; lighting; window placement; and the type of doors, because they seem like a relatively small issue. However, when these small details are planned well, day-to-day life is more convenient for homeowners.
  • When imagining your dream home, it is easy to focus only on the house itself. However, factors such as:
    • How the home fits in with the neighborhood
    • The angles and availability of natural lighting
    • The existing landscape and trees

should be taken into account when you are choosing the lot where your home will be built. Backyard planning and the creative use of landscaping ideas can help your home blend more harmoniously into its surroundings. Baglien Construction offers landscaping services precisely because we know that when a custom home and its surroundings complement each other, the result looks truly stunning.

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